Welcome to ISARS '98 in Vienna, Austria !

The 9th International Symposium on Acoustic Remote Sensing and Associated Techniques of the Atmosphere and Oceans will take place in Vienna, Austria,
July 6-10, 1998.

Programme of ISARS '98 (Version 2 July 1998, 19.00)

Minutes of the Business Session

Last minute info:
The way from the tram stop to the "Studentenheim Bodenkultur" (official conference accommodation) may be a little bit shorter if you go until the last stop of tram 41 instead of getting of one stop before as was recommended in the 3rd circular.

Links which may be of interest for participants:
Vienna Tourist Board
Austria National Tourist Office (only frames-capable browsers, sorry)
Latest Austrian weather report and forecast (German only, sorry)
Link to Numerical Weather Forecast Maps (ECMWF and others)
Live Cameras in Vienna
Electronic public transport time table (English, frames-only) and interactive city map (German only, sorry) of Vienna
Austrian Schilling Exchange Rates

The First Circular is available now! The printed version will be distributed in April '97. There is also a postscript file which you can download and print (A4 paper).

The Second Circular with Call for Papers and Registration Form is ready! New closing date for registration and abstracts is 25 February 1998. If you are already on the mailing list, you will receive it in printed form in the 51st calender week (or later, if you have a slow mail service ..).

The Third Circular is ready! It is available also as a

  • postscript file (2.4 MB) which you can get also unix-compressed
    (postscript file.Z - still 1.1 MB) and as a
  • WinWord V6.0 file (1.3 MB).
    These files are so large because they include graphics in a very inefficient form. But all the information is also in the html file.
  • The Third Circular is accompanied by

  • the Instructions for Authors of Extended Abstracts , also available as
  • postscript file (35 kB) or
  • WinWord V6.0 file (12 kB) or
  • RichTextFile (9 kB)
  • and the Payment Form; too complicated for html, therefore only as
  • postscript file (47 kB) or
  • WinWord V6.0 file (15 kB) or
  • RichTextFile (18 kB).
  • Sorry for the wrong fax number given in the distributed version of this form. The correct fax number is +43-1-4705820-60.

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