9th International Symposium on
Acoustic Remote Sensing and Associated Techniques of the Atmosphere and Oceans

Vienna, Austria, 6-10 July 1998

(as of 2 July 1998, 19.00)

Monday, 6 July 1998

Chair: Erich Mursch-Radlgruber

Opening Session

10.15 Welcome Addresses
Prof. Dr. Erich Mursch-Radlgruber, Chairman of ISARS
Prof. Dr. Herbert Hager, Deputy Rector of the University of Agricultural Sciences Vienna (BOKU)
Prof. Dr. Peter Steinhauser, Director of the Central Institute of Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG), Vienna, Austria
Prof. Dr. Helga Kromp-Kolb, President of the Austrian Meteorological Society (ÖGM) and Deputy Head of the Institute of Meteorology and Physics (IMP) at BOKU

Introductory Talks

10.45 Richard Coulter
The Place for Sodars in a High-Technology Environment 1

11.15 Margarita A. Kallistratova
Progress in the Practical Use of Sodar in the Atmospheric Research and Current Problems 88

Session 1: Scattering and Propagation

11.45 Anette Schomburg, Detlef Englich
Analysis of the Effect of Acoustic Refraction on Doppler Measurements caused by Wind and Temperature 8

12.05 Lunch Break

Chair: Margarita A. Kallistratova

13.30 Arakel Petrosyan, A.V. Belya, S.S. Moissev
Sound transformation in a turbulent medium –

13.50 Margarita S. Fokina, Vladimir N. Fokin
Influence of the Physical and Acoustical Characteristics of a Layered Bottom on the Structure of Angular and Frequency Resonances 12

14.10 Douglas O. ReVelle, Sergey N. Kulichkov
On Lamb Wave Propagation from Small Surface Explosions in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer 16

14.30 Alexander Bogushevich, Nikolai Krasnenko
Influence of the Atmospheric Channel on the Sound Propagation above the Ground Surface 19

14.50 Dieter Hohenwarter
Sound Propagation Near the Ground and in the Atmosphere 23

15.10 Afternoon break

15.40 Astrid Ziemann, Klaus Arnold, Armin Raabe
Acoustic Tomography - A Method for Remote Sensing of the Atmospheric Surface Layer 29

16.00 Victor Prokhorov
On the Nature of Sound Scattering in the Sea Medium: the Lab Modeling of Acoustic Boundaries on a Stratified Liquid 37

16.20 Poster Introductions for Session 1 (Scattering and Propagation)

P1-1 Boris G. Katsnelson, S.A. Pereselkov
Acoustic Effects due to Internal Solitons in Shallow Water 33

P1-2 Vladimir N. Fokin, Margarita S. Fokina
The Accuracy and Stability of the Stage-by-stage Reconstruction of Layered Elasic Bottom Characteristics from Sound Reflectivity 41

P1-3 Victor Zosimov, Vadim Kondratjev
Detection of Weak Sound Source in Water by Means of Plunged Rod 45

P1-4 Luydmila Shamanaeva
Study of the Spectra of Laser Induced Acoustic Signals 47

P1-5 S.N. Netreba
A Coherent Generation of Acoustic-Electric Disturbances at Atmospheric Condensation and Application

P1-6 Dimitrii Denisov
The Calculation of the Heat Capacity of Gas Mixtures at Constant Volume on the Basis of the Data Referring to the Pure Components Including the Values of Sound Velocity in Them 51

P1-7 Klaus Arnold, Astrid Ziemann, Armin Raabe
Experimental Method of Acoustic Tomography inside the Atmospheric Surface Layer 55

P1-8 Sergey N. Kulichkov
On Problems of Acoustic Remote Method to Sound Large-Scale Turbulence in the Middle Atmosphere 59

P1-9 Evgeny A. Ponomarev, Alexandr G. Sorokin, V.N. Tabulevich
Some Aspects of the Long-Range Propagation of Infrasound in the Atmosphere 63

Session 2: Instrumentation

a) Signal Processing and Technology

Chair: Richard L. Coulter

16.40 Stuart S. Bradley
Use of Coded Waveforms for Sodar Systems 67

17.10 Poster Introductions for Session 2a (Instrumentation – Signal Processing and Technology)

P2-1 Vladimir Kartashov, Igor Korytsev
Optimal Algorithms of Signal Processing in Radio Acoustic Systems 107

P2-2 Ravi M. Khanna, O. Sharma, V. Mohanan
Design of High Efficiency Phased Array Array Antenna for an Acoustic Wind Profiler

P2-3 Bostjan Paradiz, J. Leskovsek, K. Hodnik
Design of an Additional Acoustic Enclosure to Increase the Number of Potential Sodar Measurement Sites 110

P2-4 Yuri S. Rusakov
Vortex-Acoustic Sounding - A New Method for Remote Measurement of Atmospheric Parameters 111

P2-5 Valery Vetrov, Yury Ulyanov, Victor Bedin
Formation Features and the Fine Structure of Sodar Dot-Echoes 115

P2-6 Govindaraj Rengarajan, Erich Mursch-Radlgruber, Carl Bamford
Multiprocessing & Software Design for the BOKU Mini-Sodar 119

P2-7 Erich Mursch-Radlgruber, Govindaraj Rengarajan
Aspects of High Frequency Acoustic Sounding – Examples from Applications of the BOKU-Mini-Sodar 103

17.25-18.00: Poster Viewing Time (P1, P2-1 to P2-7)

18:00 Cocktail Reception at the Meeting Place

Tuesday, 7 July 1998

Session 2a: Signal Processing and Technology (Cont.)

Chair: Richard L. Coulter

9.00 Jim R. Jordan, S.W. Abbott, Brian D. Templeman, R.J. Lataitis
Wavelet Filtering of Sodar Signals 71

9.30 Philippe Goupil, Vladislav Klaus, G. Chérel, Roger Durbe
On the Use of the Wavelet-Packets Transform to Improve the Measurement of the RASS Temperature Profiles 76

9.50 Mikhail S. Pekour
Removal of Bird Contamination in Wind Profiler Signal Spectra 80

10.10 Govindaraj Rengarajan, Rajagopalan Ramachandran, Erich Mursch-Radlgruber, Carl Bamford
Comparison of Fast Fourier Transform and Autocorrelation Techniques for Sodar Back-Scatter Signal Processing 84

10.30 Morning break

11.00 Hans Steinhagen, Dirk Engelbart, Uli Görsdorf, Joachim Neisser
Integrated Systems for Wind and Temperature Profiling 95

11.30 Jyoti Chande, Anil Kulkarni, S.H. Damle: Configuring Mini-Sodar for Wind Energy Potential Measurement 99

11.50 Hartmut Graßl, Shixuan Pang, H. Jeske
A Portable High Frequency Mini-Sodar-Disdrometer

12.10 Pan Naixian
The Seeing Monitoring with a Sodar 308

12.30 Lunch Break

Chair: Giangiuseppe Mastrantonio

Session 2b: Sodar Intercomparisons

14.00 Gerhard Peters, Bernd Fischer, Hans-Juergen Kirtzel
Sodar Turbulence-Profiles Versus Surface Measurements 123

14.20 Josef Keder
Comparsion of Synchronous Sodar and Routine Rawinsonde Measurements 127

14.40 Martin Piringer, Kathrin Baumann
A Sodar-Tethersonde Intercomparsion of Valley Winds at Graz, Austria 128

15.00 Siegfried Vogt, P. Thomas, Jean-Michel Fage
Temperature Lapse Rate Measurement Using a Doppler Sodar 132

15.20 Petra Seibert
Long-Time Comparison of Remtech PA2 Sodar Wind and Turbulence Measurements with Cabauw Tower Data 136

15.15 Afternoon Break

15.45 Poster Introductions for Session 2b (Sodar Intercomparisons)

P2-7 Heinz Berger, Philippe Tercier
Three Year Experience in Operating a Phased Array Sodar –

P2-8 Oliver Reitebuch, Siegfried Vogt
Comparison of Horizontal and Vertical Wind Components Measured by the METEK DSDR 3x7 Sodar and Tower Instruments 143

P2-9 Jyoti Chande, Anil Kulkarni, Kushai Tuckley, Ajay Khandare, S.H. Damle
Performance Evaluation and Data Validation of Doppler Sodar Using a Kytoon Experiment 147

P2-10 S.I. Babkin, I.A. Delov, Eugueny G. Proshkin
Remote Sounding Means Integration with a View to Increase the Air Temperature Measuring Accuracy 151

P2-11 Igor V. Petenko
Improved Estimation of RASS-Measured Temperature Corrections 154

P2-12 Ulrich Görsdorf, Igor V. Petenko
Some Results of Experimental Investigation of the RASS-Measured Temperature Accuracy 160

P2-13 Kenneth H. Underwood
Gust Detection with a Mini-Sodarä System 164

P2-14 Renat G. Minullin
Atmosphere Layers Probing by Multi-Frequency Systems

Session 2c: Sodar and Rain Detection

16.00 Stuart S. Bradley, John Taylor, David Stow, Garry Woods
Sodar, Mini-Sodar, RASS, Rain Profiler and Ultrasonic Spectrometer Use in a Mesoscale Wind/Rain Study 167

16.20 Nikolai Krasnenko, Sergej Shamanaev, Luydmilla Shamanaeva
Transformation of Raindrop Size Distribution from the Data of Acoustic Sounding 171ikolai

16.40 Poster Introductions for Sessions 2c (Rain Detection) and 2d (RASS, Lidar and Integrated Systems)

P2-15 Shixuan Pang, Hartmut Graßl, H. Jeske
High Frequency Acoustic Rainfall Sounding and the Correction of Spectral Broadening and Vertical Wind –

P2-16 Dirk Engelbart, Hans Steinhagen, Uli Görsdorf, Joachim Neisser
Preliminary Results of Measurements with a Newly Designed Phased Array Sodar with RASS –

P2-17 Eugueny G. Proshkin
Atmosphere Boundary Layer Turbulence Level Estimation with Radioacoustic Sounding Methods 187

P2-18 Dirk Engelbart
Determination of Boundary-Layer Parameters Using Windprofiler/RASS and Sodar/RASS 192

P2-19 Paolo Trivero, Alberto Marzorati, Piero Marcacci, Guiseppe Bonino, Roberto Rosello
Improvements of a Decimetric RASS 196

P2-20 Yukio Akai, Takao Kanzaki
The Application of a Mobile RASS to Observation of an Urban Heat Island 200

P2-21 Yury Ulyanov, Y. Prokopenko, Valery Vetrov
Potentialities of the Monostatic Inclined RASS System for PBL Temperature and Wind Profiling 179

P2-22 Ursula Reiter, D. Weidauer, S. Dinev, L. Windholz
Differential Absorption Lidar Ozone Measurements 204

P2-23 Hermann Schranzhofer, Ursula Reiter, S. Dinev, L. Windholz
SO2 Calibration Measurements of a Differential Absorption Lidar 208

P2-24 B.C. Arya, S.L. Jain, S. Sharma, Sudhanshu Kumar
Monitoring of Water Vapour and Ethene by Differential Absorption Lidar

17.00–18.00 Poster Viewing Time (Posters P2-7 to P2-24)

20.00 Reception in the City Hall

Wednesday, 8 July 1998

Workshop on Applications

Chair: Erich Mursch-Radlgruber

9.00 Short Statements

Erich Mursch-Radlgruber: Sodar as Practical Tool – Benefits and Needs

Hartmut Walter: Report from Recent German Sodar Workshop in Munich

Hans-Juergen Kirtzel (METEK): Long-Term Sodar Comparison

Kenneth Underwood (AEROVIRONMENT): The AeroVironment Sodar

Thiermann (SCINTEC): The New FAS64 Sodar

Martin Piringer (ZAMG): Expectations of an Operational Weather Service on Sodars and Wind Profiler

NN (Austro Control GesmbH): First Experiences with a Wind Prrofiler at the Airport Wien-Schwechat

10.30 Morning Break

11.00 Open Discussion

12.00 Lunch Break

13.30 Excursion to

Central Institute of Meteorology and Geophysics (ZAMG), Vienna

Civil Aviation Authority (ACG), Vienna

BOKU Field Site with BOKU Mini Sodar and Remtech PA2 Sodar, Grossenzersdorf

18.00 End of Excursion (estimated)

Thursday, 9 July 1998

Session 2d: RASS, Lidar and Integrated Systems

Chair: Petra Seibert

9.00 Guy Potvin, Roddy R. Rogers
Measuring Vertical Heat Flux with RASS 175

9.20 Gary Woods
A Constant-Wave Radio Acoustic Sounding System –

9.40 Richard L. Coulter, G. Klazura, B.M. Lesht, J.D. Shannon, D.L. Sisterson, M.L. Wesely
The Argonne Boundary Layer Experiments Facility: Using Mini-Sodars to Complement a Wind Profiler Network 183

10.00 Morning Break

Session 3a: Applications – Boundary Layer

Chair: Stuart S. Bradley

10.30 Frank Beyrich
Sodar Studies in the Convective Boundary Layer: Thermal Plumes and Entrainment Zone Depth 209

11.00 Margarita A. Kallistratova, Valery F. Kramar, Rostislav D. Kusnetsov, I.G. Granberg, Galina Yu. Chirokova, B.S. Agrovskii
Use of Acoustic and Laser Sounding for Study of the Mechanisms of Arid Aerosol Convective Displacement in New Desert Regions of Kalmykia 215

11.20 Oliver Reitebuch
Determination of Vertical Wind Speed from Single-Pulse Frequency Spectra for the Measurement of Scalar Fluxes 219

11.40 Nikolai Krasnenko, Lyudmila Shamanaeva
Sodar Derived Vertical Profiles of the Structural Characteristics of Temperature Fluctuations and the Outer Scale of Turbulence 223

12.00 Lunch Break

13.30 Constantine G. Helmis, J.A. Kalogiros, Demosthenis N. Asimakopoulos
Estimation of the Temperature Gradient in Stable Layers Using an Acoustic Sounder 227

13.50 Igor V. Petenko, Giangiuseppe Mastrantonio, Stefania Argentini
Three-Beam Sodar Technique for Estimating Speed and Direction of Propagation of Atmospheric Phenomena in the ABL 231

14.10 Kenneth H. Underwood
Mixing Height Detection

14.30 Jacek Walczewski
Sodar Data as a Basis for an Empirical Model of Diurnal and Annual Variability of Mean Mixing Height 235

14.50 Poster Introductions for Session 3a (Boundary Layer Applications)

P3-1 Kathrin Baumann, Matthias Langer, Martin Piringer
Comparison of Sodar Winds and Lapse Rate Estimates with Tethered Balloon Data and Mesoscale Model Results 239

P3-2 Vladislav N. Ivanov, Yuri S. Rusakov
Features of Spatial-Temporal Variability of Temperature Pulsations under Convection 243

P3-3 Igor V. Petenko, Vjatcheslav A. Bezverkhnii
Specific Scales of the Convective ABL Derived from Sodar Data with the Wavelet Transform 247

P3-4 Evgueni A. Shurygin
Comparsion of Two Algorithms of Automatic Recognition of Atmospheric Stratificaton by Digital Facsimile Records

P3-5 John R. Taylor
Perturbations to a Stable Nocturnal Boundary Layer

P3-6 Valery Kramar, Margarita Kallistratova
On a Possibility of Sodar Data Use in K-b Short-Range Dispersion Models 251

P3-7 V.J. Daoo, R.B. Oza, V. Sitaraman
A Case Study of Sodar Backscatter Intensity Profiles During Partial Solar Eclipse on October 24th, 1995, Observed at Bombay, India 255

15.05 Afternoon Break

Session 3b: Urban Environment and Complex Terrain

Chair: Frank Beyrich

15.40 Stefania Argentini, Gianguiseppe Mastrantonio, Anuelo Viola, Igor Petenko
Evaluation of the Mixed-Layer Parameters in the Urban Area of Milan by Doppler-Sodar and Tethersonde Data 259

16.00 Mikhail A. Lokoshenko, Anatoly A. Isaev, Igor V. Petenko, P.O. Shishkov, L.K. Vartanova
Investigations of Temperature Inversions Above Moscow and Suburbs with the Help of Moving Sodar 263

16.20 Demosthenis N. Asimakopoulos, Constantine G. Helmis, H.A. Flocas, J.A. Kalogiros
Observations of Strong Lee Side Disturbances Downstream of a Steep Mountain Using Sodar Data 269

16.40 Sabine von Hünerbein, Hans Richner
Stratus Situations over Complex Terrain Observed with a Doppler Sodar: First Results 273

17.00 Poster Introductions for Session 3b (Urban Environment and Complex Terrain)

P3-8 Margarita A. Kallistratova, Mikhail A. Lokoshchenko
Studying of Mixing Layer Height by Radiosonde and Sodar Observations 285

P3-9 Nina Maksymova, Yury Ulyanov
Research of Sea Breezes Over Black Sea Northwest Coast by Means of Acoustic and Radioacoustic Sounding 289

17.05 Poster Introductions for Session 3c (Air Quality Applications)

P3-10 Renato A.C. Carvalho, Victor M. Prior
Portuguese Echosonde Experiments 298

P3-11 Bhim S. Gera, Neeraj Saxena, G. Singh, V.K. Ojha, H.D. Pandey
On the Possibility of a Sodar Determination of Dispersion Coefficients –

P3-12 Alexander S. Gribanov, A.S. Pronin, V.N. Sablin
Multilevel Monitoring Technology and Natural Phenomena –

P3-13 S.L. Jain, B.C. Arya, S. Sharma
Surface Ozone Measurements over New Delhi –

P3-14 Kenneth H. Underwood
Doppler Sodar Support for Solar Electric Plane Operations 293

17.20 Poster Introductions for Session 3d (Polar Applications)

P3-15 Giangiuseppe Mastrantonio, Stefania Argentini, G. Dargaud, T. Georgiadis, Anuelo Viola: Convective Boundary Layer Observations on the Antarctic Plateau 312

P3-16 Jaya Naithani, H.N. Dutta, N.C. Deb
Atmospheric Boundary Layer Characteristics Observed by Sodar over the Schirmacher Oasis, East Antarctica 316

17.25-18.15 Poster Viewing Time (Posters 3-1 to 3-16)

20.00 "Heuriger" Evening

Friday 10 July 1998

Chair:Igor Petenko

Session 3b: Urban Environment and Complex Terrain (Cont.)

9.00 Michael Bennett
A Lidar Study of Onshore Breezes Near Sellafield, Cumbria, July-August 1997 277

9.20 Yoshiki Ito, Taiichi Hayashi
Internal Boundary Layer Over a Small Island as Observed by a Five-Beam Phased Array Doppler Sodar 281

Session 3c/d: Air Quality, Polar and Other Applications

9.40 Julia Hinojosa, Maria R. Soler
Estimation of Atmospheric Boundary Layer Parameters from Doppler Sodar and Tower Data for Diffusion Applications 294

10.00 Sagar P. Singal, Sudhanshu Kumar
Sodar Studies of Air Pollution Associated Meteorological Parameters in the Hills of Assam, India 302

10.20 Phil S. Anderson
Probing Monostatic Sodar Structure Features Using Kite Borne Instruments in Antarctica 307

10.40 Morning Break

11.20 Bhim S. Gera
Studies of Some Aspects of Wind Characteristics in Relation to Thermal Structures of the Stable Boundary Layer Observed –

11.30 Closing Session

Chair: Erich Mursch-Radlgruber

Discussion of Future ISARS Activities Including the Next Symposium

13.00 End of the Conference (estimated)

Saturday, 11 July 1998

Wachau Boat Excursion

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