ISARS Structure and Contact Persons

ISARS is an informal association.

According to the new structure adopted in Vienna in July 1998, a steering committee is responsible for ISARS between the Symposia. The organizer of the coming symposium acts as the chairperson.

Since the 8th Symposium in Moscow, outstanding members have been recognized.

Steering Commitee:

NameAffiliation widthAddressPhone
Martial Haeffelin [Chairperson] Institut Pierre Simon Laplace (IPSL)
Site Instrumental de Recherche par Télédétection Atmosphérique (SIRTA)
IPSL/LMD - Ecole Polytechnique - 91128 Palaiseau Cedex, France +33 (0)1 6933 5159
Philip Anderson [Chairperson] British Antarctic Survey, PSD/MeteorologyHigh Cross, Madingley Road, Cambridge, UK, CB3 0ET+44 1223 221489
Stefania Argentini Istituto di Fisica dell'Atmosfera - CNR Via Fosso del Cavaliere snc, I-00133 Rome, Italy +39-6-4993 4350 +39-6-4993 4323
Giangiuseppe Mastrantonio [Chairperson] Istituto di Fisica dell'Atmosfera - CNR Via Fosso del Cavaliere snc, I-00133 Rome, Italy +39-6-4993 4350 +39-6-4993 4323
Demosthenis (Mike) N. Asimakopoulos Lab. of Meteorology, Dept. of Appl. Physics, Univ. of Athens Ippocratous 33, GR-10680 Athens, Greece ?
Stuart G. Bradley Physics Dept., Univ. of Auckland Salford, UKPrivate Bag 92019, Auckland, New Zealand +64-9-3737999-8899 +64-9-3737445
Richard L. Coulter Argonne Nat. Lab., ER Division 9700 S. Cass Ave,. Argonne, IL 60439, USA +1-708-252-5833 +1-708-252-5498
Margarita A. Kallistratova Obukhov Inst. of Atmospheric Physics, Russian Academy of Science Pyzhevskii per. 3, 109017 Moscow, Russia +7-095-233-4876 +7-095-233-1652
Erich Mursch- Radlgruber Inst. of Meteorology and Physics, University of Agricultural Sciences Vienna Türkenschanzstr. 18, A-1180 Wien, Austria +43-1-4705820-11 +43-1-4705820-60
William D. Neff Environmental Technology Lab., NOAA 325 Broadway, R/E/ET7, Boulder, CO 80303, USA +1-303-497-6265 +1-303-497-6978
Gerhard Peters Meteorological Institute, University of Hamburg Bundesstrasse 55, D-20146 Hamburg, Germany +49-40-41173255 +49-40-41173350

Outstanding Members:

Nominated 1996:

1. Prof. Edmund H. Brown Complesso, 905 15th Str. Boulder, CO 80302-7311, USA Tel: 303 447-1208 E-mail:

2. Dr. D. Farmer Inst. of Ocean Sciences, P. O. Box 6000 Sidney, British Columbia, Canada V8L 4B2

3. Dr. R. Pinkel Scripps Inst. of Oceanography Mail Code 0213, La Jolla, CA92093-0213, USA

4. Dr. William D. Neff NOAA/ETL 325 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80303, USA Tel: 303-497-6265 Fax: 303-497-6101 E-mail:

5. Prof. Alan Weill CETP/CNRS 10-12 Avenue de l'Europe, 78140 VELIZY, France Tel: 331 39254900 Fax: 331 39254922 E-mail:

Nominated 1998:

Dr. Sagar P. Singal National Physical Laboratory, Acoustic Section New Delhi, 110012, India, Tel: 091-11 5782317 Fax: 091-11-5752678 E-mail:

Dr. Margarita A. Kallistratova, Obukhov Inst. of Atmospheric Physics, Russian Academy of Science, Pyzhevskii per. 3, 109017 Moscow, Russia, Tel. +7-095-233-4876, Fax +7-095-233-1652, e-mail:

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