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Project: Aerosol Behaviour on the South African Highveld

Staff: Helfried Scheifinger

Co-operation: G. Held (ESKOM, South Africa)

Summary: Five atmospheric aerosol species (F-, PO43-, Cl-, NO3- and SO42-) have been monitored over a period of five years at up to 15 stations simultaneously on the South African Highveld, where a major industrial area on the Southern African subcontinent is situated. Their variation of concentration in various time and spatial scales could be related to weather and air mass transport patterns of the subcontinent.


Held G., Snyman G. M., Wells R. B., Danford I. R., Hong Y. and Scheifinger H. (1990): Conditions causing high concentrations of sulphate and nitrate in the elevated layer over the South African Highveld. Proceedings of 83rd Annual Conference of the Air and Waste Management Association. Pittsburgh, PA, USA, 24-29 June 1990, 13pp.

Scheifinger H. (1992). Air mass movement and SO42- behaviour on the South African Highveld during August 1987. SAJSci, 88, 391 - 398. Held G., Snyman G. M. and Scheifinger H. (1993): Seasonal variation and trends of atmospheric particulates on the South African Highveld: 1982 - 1990. The Clean Air Journal, 8(8), 4-11.

Held G., Scheifinger H. and Snyman G. M. (1994): Recirculation of pollutants in the atmosphere of the South African Highveld. SAJSci, 90, 91 - 97.

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