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Project: ALPTRAC-SNOWMET Eurotrac Logo

Staff: Petra Seibert, Helga Kromp-Kolb, Wolfgang Schöner

Institute of Analytical Chemistry, Vienna Technical University (A): H. Puxbaum, W. Winiwarter, A. Kasper, M. Kalina, W. Tscherwenka
Austrian Research Centre Seibersdorf (A): F. Pichlmayer
Institute of Meteorology and Geophysics, University of Innsbruck (A): M. Kuhn and U. Nickus
Radio- and Environmental Chemistry, Paul Scherrer Institut, Villigen (CH): H. Gäggeler, M. Schwikowski, U. Baltensperger and others
EURAD, University of Köln (D): A. Ebel, H. Jakobs, M. Memmesheimer, I. Ackermann and others

Summary: ALPTRAC-SNOWMET was the meteorological contribution to the EUROTRAC Subproject ALPTRAC and was conducted between 1990 and ~1996. ALPTRAC was concerned with the occurrence and deposition in the high Alps of aerosols and trace gases being responsible for the acid input. With respect to meteorology, source regions were determined by means of trajectories, and the mechanisms of transport of boundary layer air to the Alpine peaks were studied. These investigations are important for judging the representability of measurements at high-altitude stations. Foci of the investigations were the high- mountain observatories at Sonnblick (3106 m) and Jungfraujoch (3450 and 3576 m).

For a general overview of ALPTRAC, see the Final Report (published by Springer).

Schematic view of vertical exchange and venting into the free atmosphere of pollutants


Papers in reviewed journals:

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Tscherwenka W., P. Seibert, H. Puxbaum (1998):
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Other publications:

Kromp-Kolb H., W. Schöner, P. Seibert (1993):
ALPTRAC Data Catalogue. EUROTRAC ISS Garmisch-Partenkirchen, May 1993, 137 pp.

Seibert P., H. Kromp-Kolb, A. Kasper, H. Puxbaum, U. Baltensperger, D.T. Jost, M. Schwikowski (1994):
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Seibert P. and D.T. Jost (1994):
Investigation of potential source areas by statistical trajectory analysis of ALPTRAC aerosol measurements. EUROTRAC-Newsletter, No. 14 (Autumn 1994), 14-17.

Seibert P., H. Jakobs, H. Hass, M. Memmesheimer, I. Ackermann, M. Schwikowski, D.T. Jost, A. Kasper, M. Kalina, W. Winiwarter (1996):
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Tscherwenka W., A. Kasper, P. Seibert, H. Puxbaum (1996):
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Kromp-Kolb H., P. Seibert, W. Schöner (1996):
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